Post 1. Crime Scene 7. Another Angel in the Crowd

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Portrait Artwork - Painting Procedures
“Crime Scene 7. Another Angel in the Crowd”.

This is the artwork’s data sheet:

Title: Crime Scene 7. Another Angel in the Crowd

Artist: Veronica Huacuja

Media: Digital painting

Year: 2020

Previous thoughts. As an artist, one of the things that calls my attention is the human experience after losing life, such as the physical changes the body suffers. And I add, the probable emotional states during the lasts moments of life.

I took the idea’s subtitle of the work, “Another Angel in the Crowd”, from one verse of a song of the English rock group, Dire Straits, “Wild West End”. Reality works like in slumbers, it overlaps. Doesn’t it?

Tip-on-the-fly.  Sometimes the artwork’s title helps to introduce to the re-creator into its “creative circle”. I think this is one of these cases.

Educational objectives. Constructing a face with digital techniques using a video still as reference.

Material. Digital tablet (I use and recommend one with hand pressure sensibility) and Photoshop.

My experience while making this artwork. With all respect, I based this artwork on a screenshot from a true forensic documentary. I tried to reflect on the drama of this adolescent girl and her story. What came out to be my work is an abandoned face in a lifeless state.

Technical comments. As most of the times, the first thing I did was to decide the background color, that resulted to be dark brown (RGB: 66, 36,18), onto which, further on, I applied a spectrum of transparent orange and brown colors (in various layers, this to make up a “veladura“ or veiling). I chose to use the chiaroscuro technique.

Portrait Artwork - Painting Procedures
Mid stage procedures of “Crime Scene 7. Another Angel in the Crowd”.
Portrait Artwork
Mid stage procedures of “Crime Scene 7. Another Angel in the Crowd”.

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Hope you enjoy the work.

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