Title: Woman 2
Artist: Veronica Huacuja
Medium: Resin, oil painting
Size: 20 (H) x 12 (W) x 7 (D) cm
Weight: 500 g
Year: 2022
Base: Painted wood with lacquer, and varnish
Series: 1 of 6
Collection: Sculptures
Price: USD $690.00 (+ delivery)

In this piece, I search to find and exalt the beauty of an old and obese woman.  





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Main Art Topics

In these series, I center my work on the human body. What interests me is to achieve beauty in old, and sometimes impaired bodies. So, deformity and dynamism are topics I include in my work. As we may know, beauty is “a combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that please the aesthetic senses, especially the sight”. (1) In every piece, I intend to exalt the mind or spirit of the observer. 

Each work is part of a small series: 6, 8 or 10 pieces, at the most. This means that every work has only a few replicas. 


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