Online Painting & Drawing Program
Online Painting & Drawing Program


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I'm Veronica Huacuja (wu-a-koo-ha), a professional plastic artist, an Industrial Designer with a Master’s degree in Education, and a Master’s degree in Social Responsibility. Also, besides being an artist, I founded and direct an educational consulting firm,, where I’ve developed this Painting and Drawing Program with Mindfulness for Business Groups and Individuals, via online. You’re welcome.


Nowadays, companies seek to promote a favorable organizational environment that improves the worker’s emotional state, and enhances its intra and interpersonal skills (soft skills). This online Painting and Drawing Program promotes these elements. The foregoing, aligning its internal Social Responsibility programs to their Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Agenda 2030

Likewise, the program is taught online–in real time–and, it promotes a proactive communication between the participants.

The practice of Mindfulness. The program includes initial exercises of Mindfulness (the first 7 minutes, using acupressure as the technique), which improve the emotional state, and seek to create a better learning environment. Likewise, I encourage the daily practice of Mindfulness because it promotes mental health, self-regulation, self-knowledge and increases the self-esteem, among other benefits.

An aesthetic experience. At the same time, while teaching the practice of drawing and painting and the Elements of Art, I introduce the participants to the pictorial movements (realism, impressionism, surrealism, cubism, etc.), to the work and life of great painters, photographers and other artists. This induction seeks to create an aesthetic experience in them. I conduce them to experience beauty within our art exercises. Then, we, altogether, live a group artistic adventure.

As an art teacher, I believe everyone can create art, and by doing so enriching their lives. One goal of the program is to make the participants–when they’re not artists–to adopt the drawing hobby in their daily lives (in an informal way). This practice enhances creativity, improves communication skills, increases self-esteem, reduces stress, among other relevant benefits. 

I prepare too those people interested in acquiring hard skills for their work, professional field or school area.


Program Method: Components

User’s Guide. In this component, I describe the general and detailed educational contents, which I deliver to the contracting party (leader of the business area). Besides, it entails elements of group performance monitoring. The foregoing, for the contracting party who wishes to use it.

Session Plans. Prior to each of session, I send to the participants, via email, the Session Plan (pdf file), which describes the educational objectives and dynamic’s description of the next session to the students. This to prepare them in advance to the contents and needs.

The Program is divided into courses attending to the interests of the participants, their level–beginners, intermediate, advanced–, personalities and learning rhythms.


-Male face

-Female face

-The face at different ages: Children, adolescents, adults, the elderly.

B. COURSE: THE HUMAN BODY at rest and in motion

- Male body

- Female body

- The body at different ages: Children, adults.


- Seascapes, forests, deserts, architectural landscapes

- Flowers, fruits plants, and other kitchen utensils, tableware


- Traditional techniques. Using oil painting, acrylics, watercolour, charcoal, crayon, etc.

- Digital techniques. Using a desktop, Photoshop and a digital tablet with a hand pressure sensitive stylus.


The course's length

1.5 months or 6 weeks.

Periodicity of the sessions

Once a week: 6 sessions.

Session's duration

1:30 hour (90 minutes).

Total number of hours for each course: 9 hrs.


The schedules are defined according to the availability of the participants and my agenda.

Languages in which the program is taught

- English

- Spanish


- I use either platforms: Zoom or Teams.

- I employ 3 webcams: One focusing on the work area, the other on me as a facilitator. Sometimes, when I teach the human body, I even use a third webcam where I pose and illuminate diverse sculptures I made up for teaching.

- The Internet speed with which I work is 100 MB (upload and download data).

- iMac desktop.


To know the costs contact me at or call me at (52) 55 52 50 05 71 Ext. 801. Mexico City (GMT-5).

Credit or debit cards, PayPal or wire transfer are accepted.

If you're interested, I'll send you an invitation via Zoom to talk about the method and other questions you might have.


I deliver an electronic invoice for your payments.

You're welcome!

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