How To Make Up A Big Sketch On Paper

Regarding the technique I used in this work, I made it up with brushes and finger painting.

Welcome to another Art Post. My name is Veronica Huacuja. I'm a plastic artist and an online art teacher for groups and individuals. I have some good tips for your art process. Hope you find them useful.

LET’S TALK ABOUT… How to make up a big sketch on paper. 

To exemplify the above, I add the following work.

This is its data sheet:

Title: Female Body, Study 1

Artist: Veronica Huacuja

Medium: Oil & crayon on paper

Size: 90 x 60 x 0.1 cm

Year: 2003

Collection: Human Body

A PREVIOUS COMMENT. I made this piece in an art workshop with a physical model. All the participants in the cited workshop agreed to work this pose for just 10 minutes. 

Being that said, I had to hurry to “understand” the volume of the body, define the composition (on the paper), the painting tools and the palette. 

After sketching it, it took me around an hour to complete the work. 


- Thick black crayon 

- Oil paintings

- Turpentine

- Paper: Bond 90 gm / m2

TECHNICAL PROCEDURES. I sketched the figure with the black crayon using heavy and light strokes. Then, I spread light coats of oil painting using brushes, my the fingers and turpentine. This last material helped to dissolve the crayon and the painting without deforming the paper. It's a joy to work on these materials. One thing that I keep in mind is that, during the process, I have to control the dark color of the crayon, else it might contaminate the rest of the work.

Painting with the fingers is a different way to approach the work after colouring the big surfaces with brushes. It is a very "physical" technique, as we may know, that somehow I compare it with sculpting. 

TIP-ON-THE-FLY. If you use this technique, wear gloves to protect your hands. I wear cloth and latex gloves, one on top of the other. This prevents the sweat in the hands and avoids any fungus that can damage the nails.

LET'S MAKE A MEANINGFUL REFLECTION FROM THE ABOVE. Experimenting with different techniques in our artwork is something I find essential. It expands our possibilities for creating new series, collections, etc.

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Thank you for reading. Hope you enjoyed the work.

How To Make Up A Big Sketch On Paper
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How To Make Up A Big Sketch On Paper
Using and mixing different techniques in our artwork is something I find essential to discover other ways to express ourselves.
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Veronica Huacuja
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