Paint Powerful Characters

Hi! I am Veronica, a painter and an art coach at I have some good tips for your painting process.

This is a true principle. We get to know how to paint powerful characters by learning from the masterpieces of all times.

To exemplify this, I add the following artwork from my "Portrait Artwork" collection:
Title: Cortical Blindness
Artist: Veronica Huacuja
Medium: Digital Art
Year: 2020

Let’s learn about...

How to improve our portrait process and make a powerful character using one masterpiece of the Spanish painter, Diego Velázquez (1599-1660), “Pope Innocent X” (1650). Will do this with freedom, not trying to copy the work itself (which, BTW, it’d be a great training exercise), but to base our work on it.

-Digital tablet (I use and recommend one with hand pressure sensitivity).
-Photoshop (almost any late version of this software).
-An image from Velázquez’s masterpiece, “Pope Innocent X”.

Some previous thoughts. Velázquez is one of the great masters of portraiture. What called my attention in this piece, among other important topics, is the amazing reflection of the powerful personality of the historical character (with its keen eyes) that the painter captured.

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One more thing,  “Cortical Blindness” won a “Special Recognition” at the 10th Anniversary Art Exhibition 2020 made by Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery (

Hope you enjoy the post and find it useful for your art workflow.

Thank you for reading.