Landscape Artwork
Desert 5
Digital Art
Landscape Artwork
Inner View of an Abandoned Factory
Digital Art
Landscape Artwork
Hillside 5
Digital Art

Landscape Artwork
Inner Cave Landscape 5
Digital Art

You’re welcome to my Landscape Artwork gallery. I hope you enjoy the work.

In this gallery you can find diverse artworks done in digital art techniques, mostly using Photoshop, a digital tablet, as well as using initial sources from public photographs. 

Main Art Topics

The principal art topics I approach are forests, industrial ruins, deserts, mountains, hillsides, seascenes, etc. 

Art Modalities

Other modality in which I work is in traditional technique (oil and acrylic, crayon, pencil, etc.). 

Bio and Art Statement

In addition to the above info, I invite you anytime to read my Bio and Art Statement at (English version) or (Spanish version). 

Other activity: Art Coaching Online

Lastly, at I coach interested persons in digital and traditional techniques. You’re welcome to visit my patron’s feed anytime where you can find my art coaching techniques: . I invite you too to read “Why Become my Patron” section (second button on the right) and subscribe to any of the tiers I offer, which are:

Tier 1. Art Supporter and Tier 2. Art Producer. Subscribe to the first tier to have a more extensive description of the artwork, else to Tier 2 to know and self practice the technical procedures I use in it. Subscribe to Tier 3. Art Coaching and we, together, can apply these techniques to your own art project. It’d be great and fun.

Your comments

If you have any comments or questions please send me an email. I’ll be happy to answer them ASP.

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Thank you for visiting and reading this section: Landscape Artwork.