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Artist Presentation: My Paintings Online 

Hi there! You're welcome to visit my Artist Presentation where you can find my paintings in an online exhibition. Hope you enjoy it. 

My Art Statement

I’m a Mexican painter that creates figurative and semi-abstract visual art. 

In the collection Art and Radiology Artwork (third button on the right) the man and its precarious condition (temporality, decay...) is the central topic of my work. The initial sources that I use are radiological studies done to persons. I like to call the results of my work as “Human Landscapes”. By this, I mean to explore the carnal material that we humans are made from.

In this collection, some titles I use seek–like the great painter, Francis Bacon, did–to be referrals far away from the emotions they can arouse in the observer. 

In some other works, such as the ones belonging to my collections  Portrait Artwork and Human Body Artwork  (buttons on the right), I use–as initial resources–everything I have in hand, such as human models, photography, video stills, clay physical sculptures or digital 3D sculptures (done by myself in Blender), digital deformation, among others. 

My Artistic Influences

Most importantly, my artistic influences are a great deal of European, Latin American and American painters of all times. However, a very strong influence in my work, as you might appreciate, is from Francis Bacon’s oeuvre (the artist).

The mediums of my choice are mostly oil, acrylic on canvas and/or paper. The formats that I use vary from letter size (8 by 11 inches) to 70 square inches (or so). I add another medium which I like very much to work with: Digital painting.

Bio and Art Statement

In addition to the above info, I invite you anytime to read my Bio and Art Statement at: (English version) (Spanish version)

Other activity: Art Coaching Online

At I coach interested persons in visual arts, in traditional and digital techniques. You’re welcome to visit my patron's feed anytime where you can find my painting lessons and personal art coaching: 

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