Use video stills to make up a portrait

Hi! I am Veronica, a painter and an art coach at I have some good tips for your painting process.

This is a true principle. As artists we must use all the resources we have in hand to produce our work. This is one of these cases where I made a portrait out of video stills (images) I captured from an online true documentary.

To exemplify this, I add the following work:

Title: The Interview 5

Artist: Veronica Huacuja

Media: Acrylic on paper

Size: 37.4 (W) x 26.7 H() x 0.1 in

Year: 2019

Previous exploration. I base this work on various video stills I took from an online true documentary video where a doctor–a psychiatrist–performs a collective interview to three schizophrenic catatonic patients, which is a very serious mental illness.

Getting to know...

- That online research pays off when you find a “diamond” source, such as the cited video. This criteria from a creator’s point of view and with a profound respect for the persons implicated in the referred situation.

- Composition, which is the organization of the artwork's elements.

- Painting with a chiaroscuro technique in acrylics on a medium format paper.

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Hope you enjoy the work.

Thank you for reading and watching.