Use video stills to make up a portrait

Hi! I am Veronica, a painter and an art coach at I have some good tips for your painting process.

This is a true principle. As artists we must use all the resources we have in hand to produce our work. This is one of these cases where I made a portrait out of video stills (images) I captured from an online true documentary.

To exemplify this, I add the following work:

Title: The Interview 5

Artist: Veronica Huacuja

Media: Acrylic on paper

Size: 37.4 (W) x 26.7 H() x 0.1 in

Year: 2019

Previous exploration. I base this work on various video stills I took from an online true documentary video where a doctor–a psychiatrist–performs a collective interview to three schizophrenic catatonic patients, which is a very serious mental illness.

Getting to know...

- That online research pays off when you find a “diamond” source, such as the cited video. This criteria from a creator’s point of view and with a profound respect for the persons implicated in the referred situation.

- Composition, which is the organization of the artwork's elements.

- Painting with a chiaroscuro technique in acrylics on a medium format paper.

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Making up a portrait 

(PP.35 The Intervention 8)

Hi! I am Veronica, a painter and an art coach at I have some good tips for your painting process.

Previous thoughts. As an artist, I’m interested in the media programs that refer to true forensic arts and fiction series as initial resources for my work. So, “Murder She Solved”, “Real Stories” are, among many, true online crime documentaries that might provide us with elements to make up a portrait of uncommon characters. This with all respect for the implicated persons in such matters. I include other sources, such as “Seven”, for example, as one of the favourite crime fictional films of many. Am I right?

The following artwork refers to the physical changes that the human body suffers after losing life. This is the reason that I made up an anonymous and uncommon character.

Portrait Artwork
The Intervention 8

Title: The Intervention 8

Artist: Veronica Huacuja

Media: Digital Painting

Year: 2020

Learning about...

  1. Finding inspirational sources in the famous genre of true forensic documentaries to make up anonymous, uncommon, powerful characters.
  2. Getting to know that using the chiaroscuro's* technique helps us to achieve an emotional impact in the observer, that is, it adds drama to our work as well as three-dimensionality.
Portrait Artwork
Mid-stage where the background, the face's sketch and the palette are already defined.

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