Explore Your Artwork In Different Techniques

Drawing Portrait Artwork, "Epiphany 4" by Veronica Huacuja
                      "Epiphany 4" by Veronica Huacuja

Hi! I am Veronica, a painter and an art coach at https://patreon.com/veronicahuacuja. I have some good tips for your painting process.

This is a very true principle: Explore your artwork in diverse techniques before making up the “final version”.

Previous thoughts. Many times, as an artist, I make two versions of a same artwork (which, BTW, are two artworks for my portfolio at the end!).

The techniques I work with are digital (Photoshop and a tablet) and traditional (drawing with ink, or painting with oil, acrylics, etc.).

Why make up two explorations of a same topic?

To know the work and to prepare yourself to accomplish it in the best way possible. In my case, most of the times, I make the digital version and then I turn into the traditional techniques or the way around, as it’s the case of this artwork.

Title: Epiphany 4
Artist: Veronica Huacuja
Medium: Ink on paper
Size: 11.8 (W) x 8.2 (H) x 0.1 in
Year: 2020

Technical comments. The initial resource of my work on this occasion was “Seven” (1995), David Fincher’s brilliant film. Do you recall the scene of the “fat boy” in the kitchen, the one referring to gluttony, one of the seven capital sins? Well, the face of this character amazed me with its indecipherable beauty. I used this initial source, and I contextualized it in a different realm.

Epiphany, the title I chose for this work, “(...) is an experience of a sudden and striking realization”, that can be mystical, religious, philosophical, existentialist, etc.

Learning about... Exploring a same artwork in different techniques.

Head over to patreon.com to know more of the procedures of this artwork and to watch a 1 minute video:   https://www.patreon.com/posts/40234066

To see the digital version of this artwork, entitled “Epiphany 5”, head over to https://www.artpal.com/VeronicaFineArt (second image).

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Hope you enjoy the post and find it useful for your art workflow.